Enrich the mind and enhence skill,New member have a sense of responsibility." />


Enrich the mind and enhence skill,New member have a sense of responsibility.
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JinJiang City people's Congress cadres performance ability improvement training


It is a sunny day with flowers are blooming .On the afternoon of March 20, JinJiang Municipal People's Congress cadres performance ability improvement training class opened in Ningde (City in Fujian) Lin Renda,Huang Wenfu and Pan Ziliang,leaders of standing committee of the Municipal People’s Congress,members of the standing committee,directors and deputy directors of various committees,chairman(directors)and vice-chairmen(deputy directors)of the town(street) People’s Congress and other 80 cadres participated in the training.



Lin Renda, Secretary of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, make a mobilization speech at the class opening ceremony, and all participants in this training should enhance their learning awareness,We will deeply study General Secretary Xi Jinping's innovative ideas and practical exploration during his work in eastern Fujian, fully understand the scientific connotation, basic characteristics and essential requirements of the people's congress system, deeply understand the major concepts of people's democracy in the whole process, and strive to promote the high-quality development of the work of the people's congress.



The training was carried out through a combination of "special guidance + on-site teaching". The participating cadres conscientiously studied the whole process of people's democracy and the knowledge of the people's cadres in the performance of the people's Congress, and general Secretary Xi Jinping's important discourse on the work of the NPC. Came to the dripping water Piercing stone park in Xiadang town and the "Unforgettable Party Theme Hall", and deeply studied General Secretary Xi's vivid practice of "three advances to the Party", walked to Ningde New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. to learn the advanced experience of leading enterprises in emerging industries such as CATL, and visited SAIC Fujian Ningde Production Base.


Yang Jianming, chairman of GDX Group, as a member of the Standing Committee of Jinjiang Municipal People's Congress, Through this training to strengthen the theoretical cognition, Forge the political character, Improved the ability to performance, In the future, we will apply what we have learned, thought and gained in the training to our work, Effectively transform the training into promoting inefficient and idle industrial land in our city, Activate growth momentum, By building two high standard models of "GDX Smart Home Industrial Park and GDX Cold Chain Food Industrial Park", Accumulate the successful experience, Then share it to whole city , help more park to explore a new path of inefficient industrial land redevelopment, and fundamentally solve the "low farmland" "abandoned" phenomenon, crack land bottleneck, focus on park land stock operation and enterprise transformation and upgrading, transformation of economic development mode, promote high quality sustainable development of power, show the responsibilities of the National people’s congress.

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